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We Guarantee WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance

Your website has a very diverse audience with many different approaches to interacting with your web content. Our inclusive design and code techniques guarantee a website platform that meets and exceeds WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines ensuring that requirements of the Ontario Government's AODA laws are fully met.

Our Accessibility Process has the following areas of focus

Content Assessment

We assess your content and develop a comprehensive inventory or strengths and weaknesses to facilitate a strategic content imlpementation process.

Colour Contrast

Our design + code tools contain mechanisms that detect colour contrast failures before they happen while still preserving your brand integrity.

PDF Strategy

The PDF format can be incredibly challenging to use and meet WCAG guidelines. We strategize the best mix of PDF and web content.

CMS Development

Your WordPress website contains many different design blocks that all have to conform to WCAG guidelines and our code approach makes this possible.

Accessibility Training

Our recorded WCAG focused WordPress training sessions enable you to grasp the fundamentals of building accessible web content.

Future Editing

We also provide an online knowledgebase for continued learning and recommend monthly automated scanning/reporting for future integrity.

Automated Scanning & Reporting

Not everyone is a web content expert and as content is integrated over months and years we can provide the peace of mind of knowing that if you get audited, you are always 100% compliant. Our monthly automated scanning & reporting service is a mix of machine-based and human WCAG expertise that produces quality WCAG reporting that you can trust.

Looking to start a project? Have a question?

We are always available to answer questions, propose solutions and help your organization in whatever capacity you may require. We have a dedicated team of marketers, strategists, project managers, designers and programmers who have been passionately building websites and digital solutions since 1996. Many of our long-lasting client relationships start this way and thank-you for taking the first step to reach out to us.

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