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Blachford has been providing highly-engineered value added products to its 3 business segments for over 90 years. Their existing website was confusing for clients and prospects alike to find product information and was not being optimized to its full potential in regards to its functionality and design. A key objective for the senior staff at Blachford, was to utilize the new website to create a better understanding of the diversity of the organization and ultimately to generate more leads.

The first priority was to collaborate with Blachford to create a uniformed online identity. With a strong focus on user interface design, Floating-Point and Blachford simplified the services of the organization into three business channels. Creating a unique user experience helped differentiate each industry channel while incorporating the overall brand. The teams collaborated for the redesign of the corporate logo with an intent to push the branding to a new level. A new framework was implemented to better translate the company’s messaging with a multi-site news feed as well as a multi-site human resources channel. Floating-Point amplified the products showcasing abilities with new illustrations and interactive design to assist in a stronger conversion rate.

“We truly appreciate all of the hard work and effort put into building not one, but four new websites for our company. Early on in the process, we had plenty of ideas and concepts for what we wanted. The team at Floating-Point took our notes and rough sketches and brought them to life in an exciting, innovative fashion. Working with the Floating-Point team was a wonderful experience and there is no doubt in our minds that we chose the right partner for this project. Our company now has an online presence that we can be truly proud of and we have Clair, Gabe and the rest of the team to thank for that.”
John Quaglia
Marketing Coordinator

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