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What Is happening with my Google Maps?

Recently, Google has made one of the largest changes to how developers interact with it since its inception. The Google Maps Platform now requires both an API Key and Billing Account.

What Does This Mean for You?

Previously, only an API key was required to use Google Maps on your website. The key is a unique identifier that authenticates your usage of their platform and records each time it is used, for billing purposes. After a certain number of map loads, using your key, within a month period, Google would not allow the map the be loaded anymore.

This has changed, now, instead of stopping the map from loading, Google will charge the key owners billing account a certain amount per load.

For almost all people, there will never be a charge in that monthly period. However, you still need a billing account in the event that you do go over.

How Do You Get and API Key and Add a Billing Account?

To get an API key and add a billing account, go to the Google Maps Platform website, login to your Google account and click the get started button. This will initiate a popup which will talk you through the steps of getting an API key. You will select the products you need, create a project, then setup a billing account. Once you have:

The Products That Are Right for You

When asked to select the products, most users just need to select Maps. However, some of our clients use richer applications that use a search box that auto completes the address a user is searching for. If you website uses the search bar, you will want to also select Places.

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