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Important financial implications coming to Google Maps

Most of our clients rely on some form of the Google Maps API to show location data to their users.  Google has always maintained a “free to use” policy on this technology, but that is changing as of June 11th.


The most important thing to note is that Google is now charging customers for Map API calls when it exceeds 28,000 page views (using the Dynamic Maps integration technique). This won’t affect the bulk of our clients (due to API call averages being around 2,000 to 6,000) but there may be certain months where costs will be incurred due to a high volume of website traffic or repeated calls being made from page to page of a user traversing a website.

Our recommendation to avoid these charges from Google is to limit the amount of API calls to what is necessary, by optimizing how many map API calls the website makes per user. Another albeit more drastic approach, is to remove the map integration from the pages and link a screenshot of the map directly to the Google Maps website. There are various other techniques we can employ as well once we review your overall Google Maps usage.

At minimum all of our clients that are using this need to add a credit card to their Google account to continue using the service. This is something that Google is requiring to continue to use the Google Maps API.

If you have any questions on this development, feel free to reach out to us and we are happy to look into the implications of this for you.

Gabe Boisvert | Project Lead | Floating-Point

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