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Building a Better Mobile Experience

The Mobile Shift

There is a lot at stake in this day and age with regard to building a great user experience. The general use case for someone accessing your website is no longer someone coming into their office, sitting at their Windows computer, opening Internet Explorer and then accessing your website in a desktop-driven layout.

Now they can be standing right in front of you, pulling out their shiny new iPhone and discussing your website in real-time. You need to be prepared to offer a user experience that is instant, consistent and caters to any type of screen width a user may have access to.

The Mobile First Approach

Our design team focuses on a mobile-first design approach knowing full well that another 10 years down the line, this will be the main use case when it comes to any website the internet has to offer.

We no longer recommend slideshows that don’t conform to a great phone experience. We avoid recommending long page names that won’t fit nicely into mobile menu systems. We tailor navigation to fit into a framework that best suits the mobile experience. We design pages in 2 columns that stack properly when viewed vertically on a mobile device. We adjust Google Maps so it doesn’t trap the page scrolling and frustrate users. We remove needless text labels that don’t fit on small screens causing readability issues. We add optimized images to content pages to reduce bandwidth consumption for cellular data plans, and the list truly goes on and on growing each and every day.

The key is to do more with less and stick very close to that mission as we craft a website that resonates a vibrant, consistent, accessible mobile experience. Contact us today and we will will review your mobile user experience recommend the best strategy to ensure this experience is first class for the foreseeable future of this technology.

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